Case Studies

C2 Design & Build


Jason at C2 Design & Build was my very first client and I still work with him to this day. Since I began working alongside him I have managed to create multiple systems, templates and protocol methods for his business which not only improve the office throughput but also make the workload much easier and give the brand a nice, professional image. By utilising OJR Outsourcing, he has been able to focus on business development whilst I handle the day-to-day office functions. We have a fantastic working relationship which I can only hope grows stronger over time.

Your Online Presence


I met Craig in the New Year of 2015, he explained to me that he was looking to expand his brand and wanted me to assist him. Upon moving into his office in Earls Colne he asked me to fulfil a temporary contract by assisting him with customer service tasks which I undertook with pleasure. Craig's business is now thriving and I am extremely glad to have provided assistance along the way.


AAB Cheapskips


Harry, as a one man band needed some additional support to his business, mainly involving clerical work and some assistance with online documentation. He is now a repeat customer and allows me to handle his office work whilst he concentrates on doing what he does best - providing a fantastic skip hire service!


Colchester Budget Skips


I have known Levi for many years and have helped him with his other business (All Aspects Gardening). He is now pursuing the skip hire business himself and so approached me with some requests which I felt I could comfortably handle for him which included social media management, configuration of a web page and some assistance with graphic designs. I'm now wishing every success to CBS and have a very high level of faith in the business.


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