Business History

My name is Orlando Passfield. OJR Outsourcing is my brainchild and the name I trade under.

I formed a company which specialises in providing outsourced clerical assistance for other businesses within North Essex. OJR Outsourcing supplies improved time management whilst saving expense and risk for clients.



Where Did It Start?


Since leaving education I have worked in multiple administrative roles, and with this experience I chose to become self-employed in spring 2014 to undertake basic freelance administration.


I wanted to branch out and offer more. One day I began to look back on my history and realised that when I was employed I was spending a lot of my working day completing tasks which hindered my potential throughput for these employers, unfortunately it was very frustrating and I often walked away from work feeling like I could have got more done.


Whilst doing some research into the current market, I noticed that a lot of businesses were adjusting to remain stable. One of the very common methods was to outsource parts of their workload rather than undertake them in-house. At the beginning of it all I didn’t quite understand why a company would choose this when they had what appeared to be cheaper alternatives at their disposal – some might say a naïve approach.


Shortly after, it was explained to me that behind closed doors there are various difficulties which can end up costing a company much more when opposed to pursuing the outsourcing method. I wanted to offer my clients a solution for this, and with my previous clerical experience I decided to set the wheels in motion. After careful deliberation, advice and research I had found my forte, OJR Outsourcing was formed.



And What about Now?


OJR Outsourcing is supplying a comprehensive set of services to those it works with. Business relationships have been formed and results have been obtained through carefully selected practices and systems which have been implemented and tailored to the needs of the individual clients. The ideal goal is to bring these results to others and allow them to flourish while handling their business needs as a priority.

T: 01206 683394 M: 07523 735381